Genya Tachibana is the deutagonist from the movie, Millennium Actress.

Early CareerEdit

Tachibana started working at Ginei Studios, but his job was a minor position, although he was determine to please the directors, which resulted in humiliation. One day at the studio, while filming a science-fiction arc with Chiyoko, an earthquake struck and Tachibana saved her from being hit from falling debris. Shortly afterward, Chiyoko leaves the studio, leaving the key she had treasured for many years behind. Tachibana takes it for safe-keeping, in hopes of returning it to Chiyoko.


Years later, Tachibana becomes a director for Lotus Studios and begins to search for Chiyoko, so he could make a documentary about her life as an actress.

Personaliy Edit

Genya is a director looking to make a documentary on the actresses life. His personality does not quite match how he looks. While he is seeking and ambitious, he does care and respect Chiyoko as he does in fact have a bit of history with her.

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