General Information
Japanese Name: ギン
Rōmaji: Gin
Japanese VA: Tōru Emori
First Appearance: Tokyo Godfathers
Biological Characteristics
Age: 40's -50's
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Personal Information
Occupation: Homeless; Bicycle Shop Owner (former)
Family: Kiyoko (daughter)

Gin is a character from the movie, Tokyo Godfathers.



Early LifeEdit

Gin owned and ran a bicycle shop and had a wife and daughter, Kiyoko. However, he became obsessed with gambling and alcohol, and when it got out of control, he ran away. His wife and daughter went to look for him, even identifying dead bodies. Gin joined with Hana and Miyuki and lived with them in a Tokyo park.


On Christmas Eve, the group discovers a baby in the trash. Gin believes they should take the baby to the police, but Hana thinks they should look for the parents. Gin informs Hana about his family, but added that they were sick and Gin needed money for medicine. A con man helped him into a scheme by throwing a bicycle race, but the scandal was discovered, so Gin left his family to die. The next day, the group finds a yakuza, a high ranking member of the Japanese mafia, trapped underneath his car. After freeing him, he takes them to his daughter's wedding party, but Gin discovers that the groom is the con man. Gin is angry at first, but then, a Hispanic hit-man shoots at the groom, and Gin checks with the groom, but goes after the hit-man. The hit-man takes Miyuki and Kiyoko the baby as hostages and they flee. Gin then argues with Hana about what they should do; Gin says they should call the police, but Hana states that it will take too long, and she goes off to find the girls. Gin wanders in the streets and discovers a dying, elderly homeless man and Gin takes him to his tent and the man dies. Gin is then attacked by a group of teens, as a form of "clean-up", and they leave him, battered and bruised.

He is rescued by an "angel", a woman dressed up as one. He is taken to the club where Hana once worked and he is nursed back to health. He reunites with Hana and Miyuki and they resume their search for Kiyoko's mother. They stop at an empty construction to take shelter from a snow storm and discover Sachiko's demolished house. Gin checked the house keys on the lone standing door.

Awhile later, Gin is reunited with his daughter, Kiyoko, who works as a nurse at the hospital. It is revealed in a conversation between them that everything Gin said to Hana before was a lie. Hana and Miyuki, with the baby leave Gin. In the lobby, Gin sees a news report on a kidnapped infant, who resembles Kiyoko the baby.

He goes to an apartment complex where he finds Sachiko's husband sleeping in filth. Gin accuses the husband for being a horrible father, but the husband informs Gin that the baby is not his, nor is Sachiko's. With this information, Gin hurries off to find Hana and Miyuki.

Gin attempts to take back Kiyoko the baby while Sachiko drives a stolen delivery truck into a building, knocking him out. He rescues Miyuki and Sachiko from falling, while Hana saves Kiyoko.

It is assumed that Gin went back to his family in the end.

Personality Edit

Gin is an out of work alcoholic. As the movie progresses, more of Gin's harsh backstory is revealed. He's gruff, cranky, irritable, but we find that he is a loving man, and will do anything to help those he's close to. Turns out he left his family only because he thought it was the best for them, and when he found a baby in the dumpster, he named her Kiyoko after his daughter.

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